Wednesday, 23 August 2017

My Newest WWI Aquistion

Saw this online and thought I should pick one up!

Great model!

INEPTT Battle at Village Endormie

Ran through a game using the new premade teams. Went fast and worked I also based the Grays on fire teams of four and some specialists. Launcher (heavy anti vehicle/tank, PSI op and commander - who never actually left the ship.

So here is the story.

In the small village of Ville Endormie, people went about their every day lives. Unknown to the people of the village, INEPTT was tracking an Alien craft in the area and had dispatched a team from a near by INEPTT strongpoint.

The ship landed and was immediately spotted by M. Chasseur, who with his dog, quickly ran back to tell people of the landed space craft!!

As the XRAYS (Greys in this case) disembarked they started to fan out to cause as much mischief as possible for the local civilian population.

Reacting to the Alien incursion, at almost the same time as the covert team, was the Peleton Lumiere Bleu (Blue Light Platoon - BLP), and their presence was felt almost immediately as they took the XRAYS under fire.

Return fire was ineffective against the Blue Light team but two civilians were cut down, one was sadly M. Chasseur and his dog
Closer to the centre of the village, the XRAY blaster blew up one of the covert teams trucks and caused a couple agents to be lite on fire!

More fire fights between the covert INEPT Team and XRAYs was a one sided affair with the INEPT team destroying a number of XRAYs. But sadly 2 Agents and another Civilian were to fall down and not get up again.

But now the rout was on, the XRAYS were being pummeled by the BLP and Covert team and so they ran. The only damage they managed was to take out the VBL (Vehicle Blinde Leger) but the BLP took care of the XRAY launcher and it was all over by the flying away of the XRAY craft!

A good day for INEPTT!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

More Catching up

Hi folks, well its been a while and here is why. I have been working on two scenario books for GWSH II. All Fine Men, covering the battles in East Prussia in August 1914 - this is now out! And we are working on the Gallipoli/Mesopotamia book. I have also been doing considerable work on INEPTT II - trying to stream line it and make it easier to use, especially when setting up first run games. Lastly I am deep in the throws of a Company/Battalion scale wargame set for World War One. I am never quite satisfied with what is out there at the moment. I find certain rules use gimmicks to make them work, which is fine, just doesn't suit my own personal tastes. I have played the rules I speak of, and they work well, but I just can't buy it how they make it run, its all a bit too random in my opinion and has no drive to try and use tactics correctly. NOW that is my opinion only not a fact, it is my own personal gaming choice.

In any case, I have some new figures and vehicles to post up! I hope to post more in near future on both my Battalion Set of WWI rules and on INEPTT II.

New Spectre Miniature, female operator!

Sorry bit blurry, Spectre Miniature female Spetsnaz operator.

Spetsnaz Operator in hoodie - Spectre.

Civilian Crime boss.

New Gaso-Line Alley Sherpa vehicle!

Gaso-line Alley VBL (Vehicule Blinde Legere)

Agent Almost Carter

Van Helsinger, vampire hunter!

An INEPTT game, the French INEPTT special platoon, Peleton Lumiere
Bleu, with armoured vehicles in support. They are relieving a Russian
Spetsnaz team!