Friday, 14 September 2018

More coming

Hi all, I have been a bit lax about posting as I am deep in the throws of working on INEPTT HORROR. This is second book in the INEPTT series I am doing. It is a slightly different game than INEPTT but still follows the core concepts of INEPTT for the action. So far play testing has been very favourable, but there is a lot of work to do, so I will keep you posted as things progress :0

Same holds true for both my WWI Skirmish rules and the next Supplement to GWSH - Mesopotamia and Gallipoli! As I said - more to follow :)

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Raid on Georges Haven

After Action Report - Raid on Georges Haven.
My Lord, I beg you to find herein my report of the action taking place on the morning of 10 July 1678 AD between His Majesty's forces and brigand raiders led by the notorious Beatrice Blood.

n the early morning a fog bank had concealed the movement of the brigand force. They loaded their long boat with a shore party and it would appear that the vile Ms. Blood, remained on her ship the Penelope.

The Colonial militia were called out to the ring of the bells of the Church and moved quickly to intercept the landing party.

I beat to quarters and recalled the crew of the HMS Decisive and prepared to hoist sail.

The Penelope's cannon battery was masked by the long boat, so she moved slowly along the coast looking to bring the Colonial cannon battery under fire.

Fate lent a hand to the Colonial officer and his cannon opened fire on Penelope before she could fire. The audacious shot was spot on and decimated the Penelope killing 4 of her crew outright as well the shot stove in a good part of the starboard beam in the vicinity of the after gun down to the water line. 

Leaking badly Penelope's remaining crew set to in an effort to repair the leaking ship, but failed as water began to overcome the tired and wounded crew.

Ashore the landing party charged into a unit of Colonial Militia. Weak fire felled a single brigade and the rest charged home and destroyed the militiamen.

The crew of Penelope returned fire with their remaining cannon and in this matter luck turned against us and the Colonial cannon crew was destroyed.

I was navigating the Decisive through the narrows and would be ready to engage Penelope or the shore party in a few moments. With most of our sails rigged we were making good speed and with all cannon loaded and ready for action.

However, it seems that fate would not allow me the opportunity to cross blades with the infamous Ms. Blood. Her vessel slid under the waves due to the failed efforts of her crew to stop the flooding.

The Colonial militia Commander opened fire and in a show piece of shooting destroyed one of the brigand units. Alas, the remaining brigands fired a last volley killing the brave commander and his remaining soldiers.

My ship cut off any opportunity for escape and so the brigands surrendered to my Bosns Mate and a small party of sailors.
They will be hanged tomorrow once we have the gallows built.
Your's Aye,
J.B.L Perks Cdr
Captain HMS Decisive

Friday, 6 July 2018


I got my new Caribbean sea mat and set up a small game using blood and plunder.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

INEPTT Dice Arrive from Poland!

Got my INEPTT Dice yesterday, love them!.

Anyone who wishes to get into INEPTT can do so with a starter pack. Contact me at for details if interested.